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Hey there. It’s been a while.

Tomorrow/today/Tuesday is the final exam of my university life. That’s it then: no dissertations due in, or essays – I’ve done those already.

In a way, I’m sad about it. It’s been a great experience, I’ve become independent, yadda yadda – but it has also worn me out. A lot. I hadn’t realised just how much, though, until yesterday, when I began to think about what I would do with my time, and it dawned on me that I could literally do what I want. Anything. And there wouldn’t be the spectre of work hanging over me that has been there, unflinching, for the last three years.

It felt like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. It really did.

So what am I going to do with this time?

Hopefully, many things. Taking this blog up again will be one of them (again, hopefully).

Another will be my recently-started blog about newspapers: if you ever wanted to know what happened in the news 250 years ago to the day, I wholeheartedly recommend it: That’s my way of keeping the skills I’ve built from my history degree sharp.

There’s also the prospect of me starting a company with my brother to develop and publish board games. So that’s fun.

Maybe, just maybe, amongst all this, I’ll find time to do some writing. I’ve already picked up the reigns of a new potential-novel: time to see where it leads.

So yeah. Hi again.

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