A story you should go and read right now

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you should go and read ‘Salvage Opportunity’ by Jack Skillingstead, over on Clarkesworld Magazine’s website. Link here. It is my favourite kind of science fiction short story. It’s easy to read, the worldbuilding is subtly handled, the mood is fabulous, it’s fast-paced, the characters are fun and believable, it is original, and the setting is imaginative. Read this if you’re collecting good examples to base your own writing off of, because a lot of starting writers, especially in genre fiction, tend to layer the setting and backstory on a little bit thick. ‘Show, don’t tell’ is banded around all the time these days, but this story is a good example of how this can be done, creating the setting dynamically throughout the story without losing your sense of pace. There are some clunky sentences in it, and maybe a paragraph or two could still be cut, but, yeah, go and read it.

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