March “State of the Blog” Address

So, it’s that time of the month again. I have to admit, I feel a little bit sheepish. Two posts in all of February is dire. The blog grew quite a bit over the month – a lot more than it should have, and for that I’m grateful.

We’ve all heard the excuses, but I’m going to throw them out there anyway: the main reason is because I started uni again. With so many history essays on the horizon and so much research to be doing, I simply haven’t had time to do the blogging I’ve wanted.

That said, with easter coming up, the work is easing off slightly. This will mean more blog posts and more community-building for you guys. Maybe I’ll actually get round to reviewing those Gaiman stories I promised last month?

In terms of my own writing, things are looking up. I have several pieces floating around at the moment in various competitions and such, so I might actually get a short story in print – I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed. If any of you fancy a read of any of my stuff, don’t  hesitate to ask – I’ll happily email you some. The only reason I don’t post it here is because magazines like to have world first digital rights, so if I post a story here I basically forfeit any chances of making any money from it.

So, plans for this month: release more ‘How to Write Fantasy’ posts, because they were quite successful (I have several queued up already), maybe get around to the Gaiman reviews…

Oh, and I’ve  written a little thing on the pros and cons of leaving the EU, for my fellow British subjects.

For those that don’t know, the UK is voting on whether or not to leave the EU in June. The polls are mostly equal, hovering at around 40% for each side with 20% of the population unsure which way they’re going to go. Both sides of the argument have been pushing their own points relentlessly, but hardly anyone has given an impartial account of both sides’ issues, so that is what I set out to do. You will probably see that on Tuesday, the 8th of March, so keep your eyes peeled.

That’s me done, see you in April!

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