Review: ‘The Last Wish’ by Andrzej Sapkowski

The edition that I read had 280 pages; I tore through 205 of them in one day. ‘The Last Wish’ is on the Robert Heinlein side of fantasy, meaning it is snappy, dialogue- and action-driven, full of plot and conflict, and has very little time for subplots, exposition, or world-building.However, this does not mean the … More Review: ‘The Last Wish’ by Andrzej Sapkowski

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Hey there. It’s been a while. Tomorrow/today/Tuesday is the final exam of my university life. That’s it then: no dissertations due in, or essays – I’ve done those already. In a way, I’m sad about it. It’s been a great experience, I’ve become independent, yadda yadda – but it has also worn me out. A … More Back to the Blog